UVC Lamps Safety

Radiation from the UVC lamp (หลอด uvc ,which is the term in thai)  is quite effective in destroying all known microorganisms, which makes it the perfect solution for cleaning cooling coils and for reducing contamination of air conditioners in public places like hospitals and schools. However, with such potency of the UV lamps, it is essential to take adequate care in servicing the systems to limit the hazards associated with exposure to the UV light. When exposed to UV light, natural avoidance and response cannot be quite useful. There are also psychological effects related to being exposed to UVC radiation, and these effects can delay before they begin to show. Exposure to UV light and the temporary with chronic effects. Manufacturers and companies need to take adequate measures in safeguarding employees and other personnel from affordable contacts and exclusion to UV light. A little exposure to UV light can have some consequences.

The Power of UV-C

We must first understand that universal has properties that can be very harmful if not handled appropriately. Another name for UV light is ultraviolet germicidal irritation (UVGI), which is a combination of the various electromagnetic spectrum and has different sections with high-energy and poisonous effects.

The harmful effect of using energy that is transmitted through sunlight is quite obvious. Sunlight uses the UV and UVB wavelengths, which has given rise to the manufacturing of the sun in bitters all suntan lotions. Other products have been manufactured to counter the effects of UV radiation, and these products include Spain’s Robbers plastics. However, the UV see wavelength is much more destructive than the UVA and UVB. Another additional feature that makes the UVC much devastating is that organic substances absorb it more as compared to the UV and UVB. this necessitates the need for protecting humans from exposure.