Truest Qualities for the best of Hair Shampoo Now


If you are crazy about your hair, but choosing the perfect shampoo seems very difficult, the first step to make this task uncomplicated is to know (and understand) your own locks. It is that if they are more oily at the root, dry or colored and with chemistry, for example, it will be necessary to invest in different and very specific formulas that are able to fight each problem and guarantee healthy and powerful hair every day the way that all we want. For shampoo for oily hair this is important now.

Now, if until now you still haven’t got the shampoo that best represents you, it’s time to answer the questionnaire and know once and for all what type of shampoo will revolutionize your look! Write down the tips at the end and enjoy:

How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

  1. Every day (and even more than once on the same day)
  2. Alternate days
  3. When I think it is too oily

What Does Your Hair Look Like In The Morning?

  1. Marked and slightly oily in appearance
  2. With more volume than normal
  3. lackluster and a little dry 

How Often Do You Use A Hairdryer, Flat Iron And / Or Babyliss On The Wires?

  1. Daily
  2. When I have an event or want to change the look 
  3. Only on the days I wash my hair

How Do You Take Care Of The Wires On A Daily Basis?

  1. With thermal protectors, but avoiding oils so as not to weigh the look
  2. With creams to comb or leave-in 
  3. Betting on the use of hair oils from time to time to hydrate the locks

What Is The Oil Level Of Your Hair?

  1. At least the front strands become greasy after every day
  2. After two or three days, the threads start to get oily
  3. the locks only become oily after many days

Which Procedure Below Is What You Do The Most?

  1. Progressive brushes
  2. Coloring
  3. Common brushes

If You Had To Choose Only One More Common Problem With Your Hair, It Would Be:

  1. Oiliness
  2. Frizz
  3. Dryness

Since oiliness is your main enemy , it is important to pay extra attention to this problem. Even, it is quite possible that the brushes with straightening chemistry are influencing a little more in this, right? Therefore, it may be necessary to alternate rebalancing and repairing shampoos, specific to chemically treated hair and, of course, to combat all the side effects that this procedure may cause to the visual.

If most of the answers were B: uniforming shampoos and controllers

Your hair seems to have a life of its own, doesn’t it? The time has come to show who’s boss and bet on the right shampoos which, by the way, would be the ones that promise to standardize the wires, giving more stability on a daily basis and controlling frizz and other problems caused by external agents. Here, if your hair is colored or highlighted, it is worth reinforcing that specific shampoos for dyed hair are also good options.

Caleb Harding

Caleb Harding