How to Take care of hair in Winter

Dry hair, which, at the same time, also electrifies … really, it doesn’t look like a dream hairstyle. Alas, this is exactly what our hair becomes like because of frost. Central heating radiators, a minimum of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet help in it as well. Fortunately, returning a healthy look to your hair is not a difficult thing.

First, it is useful to change the care products because our skin and hair become accustomed to a particular shampoo, and it no longer has the proper effect on hair, warn us NY hair stylists. Secondly, winter care products should be “stronger” than summer ones in order to maximally moisturize and restore hair dried up by central heating.

For daily winter care, you will need three things: shampoo, conditioner and indelible conditioner. With the first two ones everything is clear, let’s talk about the third product: an indelible conditioner is applied to dried hair which is needed in order to finally close the scaly layer. This procedure will protect the hair and help them shine. By the way, now indelible conditioners are produced both with thermal protection and combined with styling products, so you do not have to buy a few jars and make your hair heavier with a variety of products.

And  use oil for hair twice: on wet hair and after styling. The oil applied in this way will help preserve moisture and protect hair from unpleasant external influences. After using the oil, the hair will literally glow from the inside, but it is important not to overdo it: squeeze a small amount of the product, rub it in your hands and only then begin to apply it on the tips.

And do not forget about hats and hoods. They not only save us from diseases, but also protect our hair from the frost that is destructive to it.


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