Making Amends: Why Say Sorry is Important

One of the hardest things to say is “I Am Sorry”. It is because saying sorry means that you’re admitting bad behavior or offense. Saying sorry is hard to do, as most of our lives, we are proving how right we are. A lot of people would admit that there’s no perfect individual alive.

This recently happens to a well-known media figure and a professional fashion designer. A few months ago, he asked for forgiveness to the Jewish community in a synagogue in London due to his anti-semitic statement he made in a café in Parish while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The act of contrition came from a distraught Galliano who admitted that he is a drug and alcohol dependent.

Some believe that it is just publicity due to his comeback in the field of fashion. His confession is vital for so many good reasons, combating antisemitism being a vital one. On the other hand, what the media overlooked was what drove him to address his problems in front of the public: his way of revival.

Step by Step Process

Through the 12 step by step, procedures are about fighting addiction, the 8, 9, and 10 steps deal with the record straight. In the drug rehab process, making amends plays a vital role as it is taking accountability for one’s recovery through affirmative action.

Reading, as well as processing the steps, isn’t enough. Patients are required to walk that extra mile as well as make those changes.

Discrimination: Not Because of Addiction

According to the research, there is no connection between antisemitism and drugs, nor did alcohol magically change a person into an anti-semite. Alcohol can eliminate the inhibitions of an individual. On the other hand, if it shows your true colors like your attitude as objectionable or intolerable, then immediately, you must do something about them and not blame addiction. That is why his confession was different. He took accountability for his doings more than he had in the past. In his testimonial, he said that he is alcohol dependent, but by no means is that an excuse.

He used to blame others for what happened. However, today, he bears no resentment. At last, he has come to terms with that occurred and what was his role in it. This testimonial is not a good indication that he is on a safe way of recovery. According to the media, he has lots of gain from such a public apology. Everyone knows that a genuine and authentic confession must be followed up with a good behavior as well as the right doings.

Only time will tell if this was the initial approach on a productive way to revival instead of a current press release. On the other hand, when you look more in-depth into it, it seems that he is more than willing to change.

If you or any members of the family are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, immediate care is essential. Care in Wales is just a matter of research. There are online directories that can help you find the best drug rehab centers in Wales.