How to Get Rid Of the Fleas in Dogs

The pets have always been constant companions of ours and have become a part of our life. the happiest, enjoying and always energetic part of family i.e. dogs can also get into some infestations AND fleas being a prominent part of it. Immediately after discovering the infestation one heads to the pet pharmacy to get it treated. But a better option can be Pet Pharmacy Online that provide home services in the least possible time consumed for delivering services. So, before moving ahead, let’s have a detailed look over the flea issue.

Detecting the menace – Before taking treatment, one should be sure of is it actually fleas of something else. To get the thing known, there are some key factors to notice that will indicate the presence of fleas in your dog.

  • Constantly scratching
  • Furr loss
  • Black dust-like particles in the furr
  • Change in behavior of the pet.
  • Small insects jumping or crawling on the skin/ fur of the pet.

Treatment – the treatment for the fleas irritating your pet may either go long or can be a short therapy which all depends on the level of infestation and treatment you provide to it.

  • One can use effective anti-flea shampoo. The pet has to be given a messaging bath with significant time to give in
  • Another easy way of getting rid of fleas is to use anti flee comb. This will help in extracting the fleas out of the furr.
  • Flea spray can also be used for that. Using flea spray can use least efforts but can cause a reaction to the pets.

Oral treatment – oral treatment is used as the best and the easiest way of treating a flea problem. The drugs interfere in the nervous system of the flues and insects in the furr and kill them. But in some cases, the dogs have been found to have shown reactions to these drugs like vomiting, appetite loss, lethargy, etc.

Natural way – there is also a natural way or eradicating the fleas out of the furr. Giving a bath to the dogs with anything that gives lather (prefer organic shampoo). While giving a bath, leave a dog with lather for some time.  After giving a bath, use apple cedar vinegar which helps in maintaining the pH of a dog’s skin and repels the fleas. After that, use flea comb for separating the dead bodies of fleas out of the furr.

People can also use some easy ways to keep fleas out of the home. Like planting flea repelling plants, removing dead leaves out of the garden or yard, having some nematode that feeds on fleas can also be a good idea for that.  Apart from that, keeping hour clean, especially, carpets, mats, and using a vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning can keep the fleas out of the doors. Using washing machine for cleaning all the cloths, using flea repellents at home and also using a vacuum cleaner in an effective way makes it easy to check flea infestation in pets. Flea problem has always been a cause of concern for the pet owners. But being cautious and taking early steps can solve the problem.