The Importance of health in Mattresses

Today, more and more people are suffering from back pain. Health professionals recommend suitable bedding to reduce pain. A change of bedding can help to greatly relieve the spine.

Sleep is an essential element for a pleasant day. Sleeping well greatly influences your physical, moral and quality of professional and personal life. It is therefore important to choose the right mattress, without forgetting the box spring which provides 30% of the comfort of your bedding. When it comes to the best mattress topper for back pain then you need to be perfect.

Good Advice For Choosing Your Mattress

  • Before buying your mattress, it is essential to choose quality bedding that suits your needs.
  • Before confirming your choice, we advise you to go to the store to test the products and to benefit from personalized support.
  • The firmness of a mattress should be neither too soft nor too firm. A mattress that is too firm would only wake up your inflammatory pain! It is therefore important to find the right balance.
  • Comfort is specific to each individual. It depends on the feeling of each, the desire for a more or less important soft contact. A soft welcome must be accompanied by a feeling of firm hold to maintain the body.

The Right Technology For Choosing Your Mattress

Not all mattresses meet the same needs. One subject may suit you better than another.

Latex is a honeycomb material that provides good ventilation for the mattress. For people who are hot at night, this material is recommended. The latex makes it possible to have comfort zones ranging from 3, 5 to 7 zones. At the shoulders, the material is generally more flexible to reduce pressure points. At the lumbar level, it is firmer to allow the spine to stay straight. Thus, the support is more precise and better adapted to your back while you sleep. The latex also makes it possible to adjust the firmness of the mattress according to its morphology (its weight and its size). This is called the core density (ex: 70kg / m3, 75kg / m3, 80kg / m3 and 85 kg / m3).

Memory Foam

Memory foam can seriously limit all the pressure points that cause back pain. This material is thermo-reactive, that is to say that it reacts to body heat. She will wrap it to make you feel a feeling of weightlessness and form a cocoon around you. The memory foam adapts perfectly to the curves of the body.


Pocket springs provide dynamic and consistent support to the body. This material adapts to all body types. It is used a lot in hotels for this reason. This technology is very airy. It is ideal for people who are hot at night. Pocket springs also contribute to sleeping independence. To accentuate the coating precision, there are today “combizone” springs. They strengthen firmness at the pelvis and soften it at the shoulders. The SIRIUS and OSMOSE mattresses from are made up of 7 comfort zones to balance the different parts of the head, shoulders, pelvis and knees. Among all these technologies, there is certainly your ideal mattress! Electric bedding may also be a solution for your back! Do not hesitate to come and try it in store!

Harry Nicholas

Harry Nicholas