Preventing Our Skin Against Sagging

Over time, the skin’s tension capacity decreases. Collagen diminishes, your skin relaxes, sags, your face and body lose the sharpness of their contours.

Thermage is an excellent alternative to tighten your skin and redraw your contours. This medical treatment helps to tighten the skin thanks to the emission of strong heat in the subcutaneous tissues.

The heat thus sent will allow the existing collagen fibers to tighten and create a new one after a few months, thanks to the phenomenon of neo-collagenases.

The main indication for thermage is sagging skin and oval of the face, but used on the body, thermage also acts on cellulite.

Is The Treatment Painful

The Thermage laser uses a system of so-called radio waves. They will diffuse strong heat to the subcutaneous tissues of the treated area. This heat is cooled by cooling before, during, and after each wave emission. The treatment is generally very well supported by the patients.

 In addition, no social eviction is to be expected after treatment. Except for redness that will fade quickly, the treated area will be unmarked and will not be painful.

How Is The Session Going

Before any Thermage (เทอร์มาจ which is the term in Thai) session, it is necessary to meet one of our specialist doctors during an initial consultation, where he can verify that you are a good indication for treatment, establish a treatment plan and give you your treatment plan — personalized treatment.

 Following this, your session can be scheduled. Your doctor will start by drawing a grid at the treated area to plan how he will apply the device. Then he will spread a layer of glycerin gel to facilitate the conduction of waves in the tissues. Finally, it will carry out the actual treatment by sliding a smooth, flat tip over the delimited area.

 Between each wave pulse, a stream of cold air will be projected to protect the skin and make you numb. Thus the treatment will be almost painless. Your doctor will take care to find out about the heat level, to better measure the intensity and to rule out any risk or side effects. Allow a 30-minute session for a small area like the eyelids, 45 minutes for the entire face, and between 1:30 and 2 hours for the body (thighs, buttocks, stomach).