5 Factors That Can Increase Your Risk of Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer can affect any part of the mouth like the gums, lips, tongue, floor of the mouth (below the tongue), the roof of the mouth (soft and hard palate), and the inner lining of the cheeks. Mouth cancer should not be taken lightly. You need to visit the dental clinic regularly and maintain excellent oral hygiene to prevent mouth cancer.

However, some factors can increase your vulnerability to mouth cancer, regardless of visiting the dental clinic regularly. You need to know the risk factors and protect yourself.

1. Tobacco Use

Excessive use of tobacco is one of the factors that increase the risk of mouth cancer. Using tobacco in any form can make you vulnerable. Cigars, cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, etc. will increase your risks of having mouth cancer over time. Cancer of the lips, gum, and inner lining have resulted from tobacco use, especially if tobacco touched those parts. You can lower your susceptibility by reducing tobacco use and visiting a dental clinic for help.

2. Alcohol

Another factor that can make you vulnerable to mouth cancer is alcohol consumption. It is one of the most significant factors. The more you consume alcohol, the more vulnerable you become. If you use tobacco and alcohol together, you double your risks of mouth cancer than using either of them alone. Get the help you need today by visiting a dental clinic and abstaining from alcohol.

3. Weakened Immune System

If you had an immune system disease, your risk of mouth cancer might be higher. Persons suffering from a weakened immune system are more prone to having cancer of the lips. Although the weakened immune system can cause other infections or diseases, cancer of the lips is a prominent risk for the condition.

4. Poor Nutrition

Eating a balanced diet is best for preventing a wide array of diseases, including mouth cancer. If you do not eat enough vegetables and fruits, you are more likely to develop mouth cancer. Vegetables and fruits contain carotenoids, which are known to lower vulnerability to mouth cancer.

5. Poor Oral Hygiene

Failing to care for your mouth, teeth, gum, tongue, etc. can increase your risk of mouth cancer. Visit a dental clinic regularly for a dental cleaning, professional flossing, and other dental procedures that can help you prevent gum diseases that can trigger mouth cancer. Brush daily and be conscious of what you put in your mouth.

Your dental and oral health plays a prominent role in lowering your risk of mouth cancer. As a result, go to a dental clinic regularly and maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Caleb Harding

Caleb Harding