Why Does Vaping Produce A Cough? Tips To Avoid It

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Cough can be unpleasant, but there is nothing to worry about. Many vapers when they start vaping report coughing as a side effect. To be precise, more than 57% of people indicate that they cough while vaping, though using worldvaping vape pen minimizes the chances.

Cough is a temporary side effect, subsequently, 93% of affected people reported not having that problem. Cough is just an indicator that the body needs some time to get used to steam.

What Is Vaping Cough?

Coughing in vaping is caused by irritation of the throat and lungs. It is produced for several reasons: some users react to the components of the e-liquid, often to propylene glycol, other times the cough is due to the heat of the steam, and the most common reason is the technique or draft of the vaping.

Smoking is not the same as vaping. Smokers often wonder why they don’t cough when they smoke, but when they vape. This is because tobacco contains ingredients to soften smoke and prevent coughs, such as anaesthetics and cough suppressants.

There is no evidence to prove that steam is as harmful as cigarette smoke, on the contrary, evidence indicates that vaping with vgod is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. The cough in the vaping is temporary and evidence that your body is reacting to steam, so it is important to identify the cause to correct it.

Why Do We Cough? Identifying The Reasons

Vaping can produce a cough for several reasons. Each person is different, so identifying the specific reason that is affecting you is vital to correct the problem and have an excellent vaping experience.

Steam Is Not The Same As The Smoke

Vapour is a foreign substance to the lungs, and cough is the reaction of your body trying to expel it. Even if you are a smoker, the ingredients of cigarette smoke are different from those of steam, so the body needs time to get used to it. Also, e-liquids, unlike tobacco, do not have chemicals to suppress the cough reaction.

Another interesting theory that could explain cough in people who quit smoking, but began to vape is related to the reoccurrence of cilia. The cilia are capillaries similar to human hair, which are in the respiratory tract, whose mission is to clean the airways of microbes and debris. When the tobacco is left, the cilia grow back, which could cause a cough after the first vaping.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

E-liquids contain several ingredients that our body may find irritating, especially propylene glycol (PG). About 10% of the population is sensitive to PG. Additionally, it is important to mention that PG and VG absorb moisture, so they cause dehydration and this can cause cough.

The Amount Of Steam

Another theory suggests that it could be the amount of steam and the way people inhale what could cause a cough.

If you inhale the vapour of your electronic cigarette in the same way that you inhale tobacco smoke, bringing the steam first to your mouth and then to the lungs, your body may react negatively if the amount of steam is too large. Your body needs time to get used to the density of steam that is higher than that of tobacco smoke.

There are two vaping techniques, MTL and DL. There are electronic cigarettes specially designed to provide a more closed puffing experience, similar to smoking (MTL) and there are other vaporizers that offer a more intense sensation (DL).

Using a starter kit for beginners available at smok store, which allow MTL puffs, can be the solution to end coughing until your body gets used to steam and learn to do direct puffs to the lung (DL) as advanced vapers do.