Best exercises to tone the abs

The craze for abs in people is increasing at a rapid rate. It is because chiseled abs attract everyone’s attention and give your personality a new look. Contact a personal trainer south London if you want to do this and we will tell you about it.

The chiseled abs not only make your body look great but also help in improving your body activities. In the present times, every celebrity and famous personality is flaunting their abs. The chiseled abs give a fitness goal to everyone and motivates them to work harder to get their body in shape with the abs. If you want to show beautiful abs and you live in the East, you can contact your personal trainer in east London.

Are you planning to do the same? Do you desire chiseled abs or tone your abs? If yes, these exercise instructions will provide you with a toned body with chiseled abs.

  1. Bicycle crunch

The bicycle crunch is one of the most crucial exercises that not only brings your body in shape but also offers you chiseled abs as a reward. For this, you have to pace the hands on your back and stretch one leg above. Pull the knee of the other leg towards your chest. This keeps your belly flat and also strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Do this exercise in an alternate motion in the way you drive a bicycle. During this, keep on rotating the elbows towards the opposite knee. In addition, keep the focus on the raised leg. You can also ask your personal trainer in west London to keep an eye on you if you are doing it right or not.

  1. Plank

Plank is one the most basic yet approved exercises for gaining and toning the abs. For this exercise, place your both elbows on the floor and extend your whole body. Planks reduce back pain and increase stamina and the overall metabolism of the body.

Make sure that you remain in a straight position and do this exercise at least twenty times. This exercise puts pressure on the core muscle of your stomach and strengthens it. In this way, abs are developed by the strengthening of the core muscles of your stomach.

  1. Reverse crunch

The reverse crunch is another exercise that guarantees the abs to the people who do this exercise daily. To do the reverse crunch, lie on your back and put your hands under the glutes.


Now, move your legs towards your stomach and then move it upwards. During this process, make sure that you also lift your glute from the ground. It is a part of a full-body workout that benefits you, or else, if you are targeting the ab-circuit exercises, then this is an ideal one.

  1. Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is an exercise that focuses on every muscle of your body. It works altogether on every necessary muscle that contributes to providing good-looking abs to the person.

To perform this exercise, you will need a stability ball. For this, you have to place your hand on the ball and stretch your body away from the stability ball.

Toning the abs requires perseverance and motivation. It is why if you are passionate about getting new abs or toning your already made abs, do not stop exercising. The personal trainer in north London will notice what is ideal for your body, and guide you accordingly.