Why is it CBD Cannabis Called Cannabis Light in Italy?

It is unclear why CBD-derived hemp is called cannabis light in Italy. The country has a nebulous legal status and has struggled to pass laws on the plant. It is likely to face opposition from both the League and the Five Star Movement. However, some say cannabis light will only succeed in stimulating public opinion on the plant. This is a shaky proposition, so it remains to be seen whether or not the Italian government will approve it.

In Germany, hemp with low levels of THC is legal for sale, but the products are still called “cannabis light” in Italy. There are around 200 pending prosecutions against CBD establishments. In Italy, cannabis light products are sold at specialty stores and can be ordered online. Despite the opposition, the product is gaining popularity among Italian consumers. But, despite these legal obstacles, the market for cannabis in Italy is still very small.

Although Italians can buy CBD online, there are some downsides to buying it from a website in Italy. Customs may seize products that contain high concentrations of THC, and the manufacturer may not fulfill orders in Italy. Further, some brands may not fulfill orders due to legal ambiguity. So, be sure to shop around. If you can’t find a storefront in Italy that sells CBD in Italy, you can order it from the United States.

A recent study in Italy uncovered a similar issue: the cannabis industry has lost the battle with the mafia. The law on cannabis use has allowed a loophole in Italy’s hemp legalization laws that allowed entrepreneurs to sell low-dose products with only 0.6 percent THC. It was this legal loophole that paved the way for Cannabis light in Italy.

The legal stance towards Cannabis in Italy is less strict than in other countries. Purchasing Cannabis products with a THC concentration of 0.2% or less is legal, and possession of Cannabis products with this concentration is punished only by a small fine. The laws also allow for the sale of CBD cannabis oil and cannabis light online in Italy. Regardless of where you live in Italy, cannabis products can be purchased legally online.

Despite the law, Italians have their own slang for marijuana. A smoky joint is called a spinello, and a cannabis light joint has been called a “carciofo” – a giant joint rolled to look like an artichoke. A carciofo is three times as big as a regular joint. In Italian slang, you’re a “fattone” if you enjoy smoking weed.