Which Cosmetic Procedure To Choose After Pregnancy

While pregnancy brings the most important person in your life, it will also change your body. For some women, this transformation is something that they cannot easily accept. A healthy lifestyle can make some changes, but what if that is not enough, or the person simply does not have enough time? A cosmetic procedure can be very helpful.

Post-pregnancy changes are normal, and they will most probably be manifested as the limp and excess skin on your belly with or without excess fat tissue, which can be also located on some other body parts. After breastfeeding, a woman’s breasts can become sag, without volume and asymmetrical. There can also be changes one the areolas and nipples.

Breasts can suffer big changes after breastfeeding

There are different cosmetic surgeries that can fix all these issues. Depending on the woman’s state of the body, the doctor will do an evaluation and make a decision on which procedures can be done to achieve your goals. Because a woman, after pregnancy, needs a few procedures that will mainly address her abdomen and breasts, specialists have created a mommy makeover procedure.

A mommy makeover is the set of procedures that will be done as a single surgery. In some cases, due to safety reasons, a surgeon may do some procedures in one session and the rest in another. The cosmetic & plastic surgery in Coffs Harbour from PCLS Coffs Harbour can achieve amazing results, as the medical team is highly experienced in a mommy makeover procedure.

What to expect

A mommy makeover procedure usually includes tummy tuck procedure and the breast augmentation, but there are other procedures that will be included, depending on the personal goals. So, some women will, instead of breast augmentation procedure, have a breast lift procedure or a breast reduction. Some of the breast procedures can be combined for even better results.

All critical areas will be included in the procedure

The focus of the tummy tuck procedure is to restore your abdomen as it was before the pregnancy or even to make it better than it was in that period. When it comes tomummy makeover Coffs Harbour by PCLS Coffs Harbour, you can choose a mini tummy tuck procedure if you think that there is no need for the larger procedure. 

Additional surgery is usually liposuction, where women want to remove some of the fat deposits in the critical body areas. Those are usually hips, lower back, thighs, and upper arm. Some women are interested more in the non-surgical procedures which can be included in the mommy makeover. They simply want to recover faster from the procedure, and they want just some small additional corrections.

Final word

When all is considered, you will regain your body after one visit to your surgeon. During a consultation, you can create your procedure, and your doctor will guide you through possibilities depending on your goals. But remember to find a board-certified specialist, if you want to get the job well done.