Visiting Colorado? Learn the Rules of the Marijuana Road

In 2014, the state of Colorado allowed the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes. The opportunity to buy weed at the best dispensary that is in Denver CO makes the state a little more fun to visit, even if shopping. And yes, these marijuana products come with a whole set of rules and guidelines. 

As a tourist, the last thing you want is to get into trouble due to a violation of marijuana state laws. Well, here are important rules and laws to know about the purchase and use of recreational marijuana. 

Where to Buy Marijuana? 

Any person above the age of 21 years with a valid ID can buy weed at a Recreational Dispensary in Denver. Some medical dispensaries will only serve state-registered patients, so check before visiting the dispensary. 

How Do You Buy Marijuana? 

The Colorado residents and visitors above the age of 21 years can buy at least one ounce of marijuana flower at a time for recreational uses. For medical marijuana patients, they can buy up to two ounces daily. 

The possession laws are similar for all types of retail marijuana, where dispensaries cannot sell edibles with 800 milligrams of THC or 8 grams of concentrates. 

Bring Your ID and Cash 

While possession and use of marijuana are legal in Colorado, it is still illegal in federal law. This eternal tussle between federal law and state rights places the burden on the consumer. 

Therefore, most credit card companies are wary of getting into the wrong side of the federal law that classifies marijuana sales as illegal. Therefore, such firms are unwilling to facilitate the sale and purchase of cannabis products. That explains why nearly all dispensaries have ATMs on their premises. 

How Much Weed Can One Buy in Colorado? 

In the past, there was a distinction between what visitors and residents of Colorado could buy. That’s not the case anymore. Both visitors and residents can buy up to 1 ounce of marijuana in the state. The state considers the ounce of marijuana flower to be equivalent to 800 milligrams of edibles and 8 grams of cannabis concentrate like wax and shatter. 

Where Does One Smoke Cannabis? 

Consumption of marijuana in open or public spaces is illegal in Colorado. With this, you cannot consume the product in transportation facilities, music, sports and amusement parks. Further, you cannot consume marijuana in indoor spaces in any public facility including your office building. 

Yes, the state law allows firms to apply for marijuana consumption areas and only two cities, Denver and Colorado Springs are offering these licenses. However, there are several private-consumption friendly event venues and clubs. 

The use of marijuana is still illegal in the federal government. Therefore, don’t attempt to use the products in areas like national parks that are under the federal government. 


Buying medical and recreational weed is legal in Colorado state. Residents and visitors alike don’t require a medical reason to purchase, possess or consume cannabis products. But still, follow these rules to avoid getting into the wrong side of the law.