Universal tube expander with Steroids buy with delivery in USA

A tube expander in a set of 12 items – 6 rubber tubes, two handles, two cuffs, a door anchor and a handbag. Delivery across

The tube expander consists of five rubber tubes of 1.2 m different in resistance. The tubes are made of natural latex, which gives a smooth tension. At the ends there is a snap hook for Steroids for Sale to the handle. To increase the effectiveness of training in the universal expander, the possibility of the simultaneous use of all tubes is provided – they are securely fixed on the handles, while the total load on the muscles increases several times.

The expanders are made in five colors, each of which indicates its own load:

  • Yellow – tensile gives a load of 2-4 kg;
  • Blue – 2.7-5 kg;
  • Green – 3.5-6.5 kg;
  • Black – 4.2-7.5 kg;
  • Red – 4.6-9 kg.

You can work with all expanders at the same time, the total load when stretched to 1 meter – 17 kg, 2 meters – 25 kg, 3 meters – 32 kg!

The universal tube expander kit includes:

5 unique rubber tubes with double fastening;

2 handles;

2 Velcro cuffs;

Door fastening – anchor for expanders;

Special bag bag for transportation and storage of accessories.

Benefits of an Expander

The main advantage is a flexible and diverse construction of the training process:

  • Universality. With the help of one simulator you can train any muscles, reproduce the movements characteristic of various sports. The number of exercises, the trajectory and range of motion are limited only by the imagination of the athlete.
  • Great muscle strain. Due to different levels of resistance of the tubes, the same load level can be achieved as with exercises with a barbell and dumbbells.
  • The possibility of independent training. Often during classes in the gym, partner insurance is required, for example, when squatting with a lot of weight. Tubular expander to perform complex exercises with a high level of load without outside help.
  • Freedom to choose the level of load. The load of the expander on the muscles depends on the degree of stretching. To change the load level, you just need to reduce or increase the amplitude of your movements. The more you stretch the rubber expander, the more muscles will be loaded and vice versa.
  • Security. Muscle corset training takes place with minimal strain on the joints and spine. During classes, the risk of injury is excluded, so the tubular simulator is suitable for beginners and people who have suffered injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Gradual increase in load. When practicing in the gym on the same simulator, the muscles get used to the load, progress in building muscle mass stops. Thanks to a set of tubes and a wide range of movements, it is possible to continuously increase the load.
  • Affordable price. We have a minimum margin on universal tubular expanders – in fact, we sell at retail at the wholesale price. These are original exercise machines made by certified technology.
  • Compact and lightweight. When folded, it takes up little space, the manufacturer includes a bag for storing the simulator and accessories (protective cuffs, door fastening). Light weight and compactness allow you to take it with you on trips of any range.

Applications for the expander

The prototype of a modern rubber tubular expander is a spring simulator, which was popular in the Soviet Union and was used for training and rehabilitation of patients after injuries and operations. But the metal springs were too stiff and could hurt at the slightest carelessness. They were replaced by a soft and safe rubber, which also has a high degree of elasticity and handles that are comfortable to grip.

Now we can distinguish several areas of application of tubular expanders:

Home workouts – the simulator is chosen by those who monitor the beauty of their body, but do not like to visit fitness clubs. Classes with latex tubes fell in love with beginners who are taking their first steps in fitness and sports.

Professional training – the expander is combined with other shells to increase the load on the muscles. As an example, the joint use of an expander and a bar can be given – this combination additionally stimulates muscles and accelerates their growth.

Rehabilitation – the load that the latex tube gives when stretching does not affect the joints and ligaments. This property of the expander is used to restore the motor activity of patients in the trauma, cardiology departments, as well as athletes who have suffered injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Buying Tips

When choosing a tubular expander, pay attention to such points:

Load level. This indicator depends on the length of the tube extension, it is determined by the color of the rubber. The set of universal expander in our store includes tubes of the following colors: yellow, blue, green, black and red. The simultaneous use of five tubes gives a total load of 17 kg; when the expander is stretched by 2 m, the total load reaches 25 kg, by 3 m – 32 kg.

The quality of the handles. The handles of our tubular expanders fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, do not crush when stretching the simulator. The material, neoprene, has good grip on the palm, does not slip during exercise.

The quality of latex. When stretched, the colored latex will not whiten, light spots are a sign that the tube may break. We do not recommend buying cheap models in Chinese online stores – such expanders quickly lose their elasticity, and if they break, they can cause serious injury.

The quality of the fasteners. Carabiners on tubes, door fasteners and other parts are made of durable materials.

Exercise examples

  • Raise your hands while standing. They take the expander in their hands, with one foot they are in the middle of the tube, the second leg is put back. The straightened arms are raised to the level of the head and again lowered down.
  • Raise your hands while lying down. They lie on their backs, the expander is fixed in the middle of the feet. Pull the simulator, raising his hands up behind his head.
  • Bench press. The tube is placed behind the back at the level of the shoulder blades, straightened arms bring in front of the chest, trying to overcome the resistance.
  • The rise of the body. The exercise is performed from a sitting position. The expander is fixed on the door or on the Swedish wall, grasped by the handles, lower and raise the upper body. In this case, the shoulder blades should touch the floor, legs can not be torn off the floor.
  • Scissors. They lie on their backs, put their handles on their feet, hands grasp the middle of the tube and pull it to the chest. Raising the legs, perform the movement of “scissors”.
  • Abduction of the legs. They stand on all fours, the arms of the expander are picked up, the middle of the tube is caught on the foot of one leg. They take the leg back, fully straightening it and lifting it horizontally to the floor. The exercise is repeated for the other leg.
  • Training with a tubular expander is a great way to get your body in shape without the expense of a lot of money.