Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Pain is such a relative term. It varies from one person to another because we have different pain thresholds.

But for those who have gone through a hair transplant surgery themselves, they wouldn’t say that the procedure is painful. It’s more of a discomfort but not pain.

If you’re looking into having a hair transplant soon, here are some things that you need to know about the procedure. Hopefully, it will ease your mind and remove your fears about the pain you’ll encounter during the surgery.

There’s anaesthesia involved

Just like some surgeries, there’s also anaesthesia involved in a hair transplant procedure. Philippine hair restoration expert, NuHart Philippines head surgeon says it’s a ‘painless procedure done under local anaesthesia with guaranteed results.This should give you peace of mind that the surgery will not make you cry and scream. Some patients even say that the pain is the same level as that which you usually feel when going to the dentist.

The local anaesthesia administered during a hair transplant procedure is a series of injections that will make the scalp area numb. In fact, every injection will numb a specific area of the scalp so that the whole of it will be numb all throughout the procedure. Once the scalp area is numb, you won’t feel any pain at all.

More of a discomfort rather than pain

Those who have undergone this procedure describes the feeling as more of a discomfort than pain. They say the local anaesthesia feels like that of the injected anaesthesia that is administered in a dental procedure.

So if you remember your last trip to the dentist, that’s the level of pain you can expect from this hair transplant procedure. Just make sure you go to a licensed and experienced hair transplant surgeon who will meticulously perform the procedure to achieve least to zero pain on your end. Just like what we mentioned above, once the area is numb from the anaesthesia, then the rest of the procedure will just feel like pinches on the scalp.

The little pain is worth it

A little discomfort during the surgery will definitely be worth it since this procedure is a permanent solution to hair loss. After all, the whole duration of a hair transplant surgery is approximately 4-6 hours only, depending on several factors. The pinches you’ll feel on your head this whole time is nothing compared to the lifetime benefits of growing your hair back!

On after-surgery pains

Some surgeons prescribe pain killers to their patients for a few days after the surgery. This is to accommodate people with very low pain thresholds. But normally, medications are not necessary even a day after the procedure because there’s really no after-surgery pain. You might feel itching due to the transplanted hair’s adjustment on the scalp, but it won’t stop you from doing your regular daily activities.

A hair transplant procedure may involve needles and cuts on the skin but the local anaesthesia administered on the patient is more than enough to cover the little pain that accompanies the surgery.