Incidences When ‘Emotional Memories’’ Resurface?

Our brains are the fascinating part of our whole anatomy. The term memory reconsolidation therapy stands for the ways by which the brain updates itself to accommodate the new information and erase the ones which cause pain.

This is a very important therapy that often the professional application to make sure that you can erase some kind of terrible memory, fear away from your mind.

What Is Memory Reconsolidation Therapy?

For example, you would often realise that you do not remember your old number. Also, you sometimes forget where you used to live before and also the old number of your family members.

This is because your mind has absorbed the new number and new pieces of information and replaced it with the old ones. This is thus a very effective method when you are trying to fight insomnia, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. It helps in changing the unwanted feeling that might be there.

What Are Some Of The Incidents When ‘Emotional Memories’ Resurface?

The emotions that mostly push around your mind are emotional memories, and they could be both happy and traumatising. The emotion is there, but there are instances when you could not figure out that particular event when that emotion was instilled in you. The difficulty lies in bringing out the correct memory and erasing out with new information.

You do Not Store them Deliberately:

It is not your fault if you are not able to get rid of those emotions. It is usually such a strong emotion that it gets stored inside the head, and you are unable to forget it under the circumstances. It is the evolution that has given you the power to become a social animal.

Also, the emotions help you in mixing around as well. But the main problem arises when you are not in that situation but still facing hurdles because of the emotions that are there inside your head. The brain does not regain this new information and do away with the old ones, and this is the reason why memory reconsolidation therapy helps you a lot.

When you are Overreacting:

Often, in some situations, you could overreact even though it was a mere one. Like, when someone comes home late, rather than just worrying, you could outright start panicking. And this could be because of some old memories.

Thus, you must visit a professional therapist who would be able to look into the situation and train your brain into accepting new information replacing the old ones.