How Far Marijuana Proved Effective in Medicine?

Marijuana – an old way to medication

Since ancient times, marijuana has been considered to be has a medicinal use. Fu His, the Chinese Emperor, had a good knowledge of medicines and he made reference of cannabis for the first time in 2900 BC observing that cannabis possessed both yin and yang, representing femininity in dark swirl and brightness, passion and growth in light swirl. Ma is the Chinese word for Cannabis. Healing Properties of Marijuana are said to be discovered by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung as earliest written reference to Medical Marijuana in available in Chinese Pharmacopeia. Egyptians used cannabis for Glaucoma, inflammation, and enemas. Bhang, a cannabis drink is used in India as an anesthetic and anti-phlegmatic. It is generally mixed with milk and is used to treat many types of human disorders. People believed that cannabis could sharpen your mind and improve judgement. It was considered good for long life, to reduce fevers, to induce sleep, and to cure dysentery. Thus, it was a part of Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Medical marijuana in modern times

Not much research work is available to prove the efficacy of marijuana in medical applications, but it is still popular for medicinal use despite having no formal approval from the FDA. The consumers of marijuana buy weed online because of restricted availability in open market to consume it due to varied reasons. For years, marijuana has been popular medicine as a sedative to relieve pain and as anti-inflammatory medicine. Research studies have been able to show its effective application in chemotherapy, a form of cancer treatment and HIV/AIDS patients, although results are not strong.

Getting marijuana for medicinal use

Marijuana or cannabis is not a prescription drug available on the pharmacy, though it is available in many different forms. You can buy cannabis online or by placing mail order cannabis can be received at your location.