Dave Asprey about Smart Drug Called Modafinil

People are constantly trying to find a way to improve themselves physically or mentally but they need to realize that our every decision comes from our brain. When you reach a certain age, your response time gets slower and your memory becomes worse. Nowadays, this is very common with teenagers because they have a lot of distraction around them and they always rely on their smartphone to give them information.

The problem is that in many situations you can’t rely on your smartphone and you will need to have imagination and think faster in order to succeed at something. This is where smart drugs kick in. Provigil or Modafinil is the most popular smart drug in the world. A lot of people don’t know where to buy provigil so they end up with a bad product. There are a few companies that manufacture them and have been in the business for a decade.

Learn about it yourself

You shouldn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to supplements that may affect you somehow. Everyone is different and the results may not be the same for you as for your friend. That is why you need to do research about the dosage and where to get it. Also, which diet would be the best for you while taking Modafinil. If someone says that the supplement doesn’t work for them, it shouldn’t discourage you.

Some people will just give their honest opinion but you should always look at the studies about it. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should know that even a 50 mg dose is strong for first-time use. Some shops don’t even sell less than 100 mg pills. When trying for the first time, 50 mg will be enough to determine if something is changed. It may not be a big change, but even if you find a word you were looking for quicker, it is very beneficial.

Safety is crucial here so you need to check if you have any allergies on the ingredients that are in smart drugs. It’s also bad to use it while you are on a certain type of medication. If you have anxiety problems, then it may be a good choice to try Modafinil but only after consulting with your doctor. Most people will get prescribed for Adderall if they have anxiety problems or depression.

Get more information here: https://time.com/5509993/nootropics-smart-drugs-brain/

When to take it and what’s the Price?

Popular entrepreneurs that are sharing their experience with smart drugs will tell you that you shouldn’t use it at a young age because your brain is still forming. The perfect age is around 25 years old. Even if many college students use it, it is best when you get a job and start working even more then you studied in college. If you are ready to use it, do it in the morning because you will have problems sleeping if you take it afterward.

The price will depend on the online shop that is reselling the product. The manufacturer price is very cheap but these online stores are increasing it a lot so they can get a larger profit. The more customers they have, they tend to lower the prices so it’s better to order to the most popular websites. For example, Modafinil can cost from $0.50 to $3.00 per pill depending on the stores and the quality can be the same. You can save money if you buy a larger number of pills but try to get a free sample of 10 pills to check if they work for you. If they do, you can easily order 100 pills at a lower price.

What Can Modafinil Do?

Most of these drugs were made to cure diseases sleep disorder, ADHD, narcolepsy and many more. There are different opinions on how it affects your brain but one thing they know is that it affects your dopamine levels. When your dopamine levels are higher, you are happier, more awake and alert. You don’t need to sleep a lot to be focused if the dopamine levels are high. Another benefit is that Modafinil lasts long, so it is perfect to take before starting your work or project.

It’s is possible to block receptors in your brain and trick it in producing more dopamine because it thinks the levels are low. Cocaine works on the same principle just much stronger. The smart drug will make you more responsive but heavy drugs like cocaine will get it to another level. Even if the process is similar, the effects on your body are different and the benefits are also much different. Many students have a problem waking up early which is a bad habit that can be changed easily. By using Modafinil you will trick your brain in waking up faster which will you get used to overtime. Click here to read more.

Have Discipline

One of the reasons why people take smart drugs is to gain some kind of routine they planned for a long time. So, their idea is to gain focus and motivation to get up in the morning and finish everything they had that day. This is reasonable but most of them overdo it from the start and lose motivation very fast. It takes time to adapt to a change and if you try to implement a few at once, you will most likely fail.

Start from a small dose and small improvements. Your brain can suffer if you push it too hard. For example, try getting up early without smart drugs and when you get stuck you can take a 100 mg pill. You should see improvement from the start because you are trying your best but you only need a small boost to make it. When you combine your ambition with these brain enhancers you will get a perfect recipe.

If you don’t have discipline when using smart drugs you will probably have side effects insomnia, dizziness and headaches. This happens to users that use larger dosage than recommended or take them with other medication. Even if you get stuck at work, you shouldn’t take two pills.