5 tips to help you avoid the flu

You know how it starts – a scratchy throat, runny nose, and foggy head that quickly turns into a week of being bedridden, miserable, and 5 seasons into your latest Netflix binge. With 254,000 confirmed cases and 587 deaths, this year’s flu season has been the worst in Australia’s history and it’s not over yet.

The experts at Phone Call Doctor have shared their 5 tips on how you can stay safe and avoid the flu this year.

Get your flu shot

The flu shot is cheap, quick, and effective, making it the best way to avoid getting sick.

When you get a flu shot your body creates antibodies that can fight off common strains of the flu, which prepares your body to fight off any germs you may pick up.

Wash your hands

Does it seem like everyone in your office is suddenly coming down with something? Make sure you wash your hands with warm water and soap frequently to kill germs and keep yourself from being the flu’s next victim.


Stress is the enemy when it comes to staying safe from the flu. Getting enough sleep and making sure you’re staying stress-free will keep your immune system in top condition to fight off any infections that may come your way.

Eat well

Just like managing your stress levels, maintain a healthy diet filled with fruit and vegetables will help you build a healthy immune system.

Stay at home

Have you tried everything but still feel something coming on? To keep others safe and give yourself the best chance of fighting off your sickness quickly, stay at home. You can call a video doctor who can give you an online medical certificate and online prescription so that you rest up, avoid spending hours in doctor’s waiting rooms, and dedicate your time to binge-watching that Netflix series.